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Kit graphique 384299 Info:
Référence:   384299
Type: Logo Templates
Auteur: Dhakathemes
Date de Création: 2024-01-16
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Styles: Divers Modèles Web

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Logo template Preview
Kit Graphique #384299 Adventure Agence Divers Modèles Web - Logo template Preview


Sujet : Sports, Outdoors & Travel
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Tags : illustration
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Nom du template : Tourex - Tour and Travel Company Logo
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Tourex - Tour and Travel Logo


Tourex, a renowned tour and travel company, aimed to encapsulate its brand essence in a captivating logo design. The logo embodies the spirit of adventure, exploration, and seamless travel experiences for its clientele. Through a blend of artistic elements and modern design, the logo captures the essence of Tourex's commitment to providing exceptional travel services.

Design Concept:

The Tourex logo depicts a stylized globe icon enveloped within a compass rose, symbolizing global exploration and navigation. The globe, adorned with subtle contour lines, signifies the diversity of destinations and experiences offered by Tourex across the world. The compass rose not only signifies direction but also represents guidance and assistance provided to travelers throughout their journey.

Color Palette:

The color scheme chosen for the logo is a harmonious blend of deep blue and vibrant gold. The deep blue represents the vastness of the oceans and the sky, symbolizing stability, trust, and reliability in Tourex's services. The luxurious gold accents exude sophistication, hinting at premium travel experiences and excellence in service.


The typography used in the logo combines a sleek and modern font for Tourex with a subtler, sans-serif font for the tagline Tour and Travel. The boldness of the fonts ensures readability and leaves a memorable impact, conveying professionalism and clarity in communication.

File Formats:

The Tourex logo is available in AI (Adobe Illustrator) format, allowing scalability without compromising quality. Additionally, the logo is provided in PNG format, ensuring versatility for various digital applications and platforms.

Usage Guidelines:

Maintaining clear space around the logo is crucial to ensure its visibility and impact. The recommended minimum size for the logo's application is specified to preserve its legibility across different mediums. Furthermore, guidelines on color usage and background contrast are outlined to maintain the logo's integrity in diverse settings.


The Tourex logo, with its symbolic elements and carefully chosen design components, embodies the company's commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences. It serves as a visual representation of Tourex's dedication to guiding travelers worldwide while offering a seamless and enriching journey.

Type de Graphiques : Vector
Compatibilité : Adobe Illustrator
Fichiers Inclus : AI
Extrait :

Tourex, a renowned tour and travel company, aimed to encapsulate its brand essence in a captivating logo design

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template-icon : icon-monster_dark
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