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Kit graphique 408669 Info:
Référence:   408669
Type: WordPress Themes
Auteur: tishonator
Date de Création: 2024-04-10
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Styles: Divers Modèles Web

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Kit Graphique #408669 Astrologer Astrologie Divers Modèles Web - Logo template Preview


Sujet : : Education & Books
: marketplace-membership : One
Tags : astrologers
WordPress Builder : Gutenberg Editor
Caractéristiques : : Search Engine Friendly
: wordpress-compatibility : 6.0.x
: wordpress-com-compatibility : : Pro Plan
author_user_id : 1740310
isFree : none
isLastAdded : 1
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Nom du template : ;s:4 TishAstrology3 - Astrology WordPress Theme
: Preview screens or video URLs : 4:
Description :

Embark on a celestial journey with TishAstrology3, a WordPress theme specifically crafted to illuminate the digital presence of astrology services. As the stars align to guide us through life's mysteries, TishAstrology3 is designed to become the digital constellation that connects you with those seeking enlightenment from the cosmos. With its stellar features, based on the latest Gutenberg blocks technology, TishAstrology3 offers a cosmic portal for astrologers, tarot readers, and spiritual guides to create an engaging, informative, and visually captivating online presence.

TishAstrology3 comes packed with an array of features that are as vast as the universe itself. From Custom Post Types that allow you to seamlessly manage Clients, Testimonials, Team Members, to Projects that showcase your cosmic engagements, every aspect is thoughtfully integrated. These features not only facilitate easy content management but also enhance user engagement by presenting a holistic view of your astrological services.

Embarking on your digital journey is made effortless with TishAstrology3’s One Click Demo Import. This feature serves as your launchpad, enabling you to quickly set up your site with a celestial design that’s ready to customize and populate with your unique content. It’s like having a constellation of possibilities, ready to align with your vision at the click of a button.

Understanding the importance of connection, TishAstrology3 includes a dedicated Contact Us page template. This feature ensures that your visitors, seeking guidance from the stars, can easily reach out to you. Additionally, the theme boasts different Galleries Blocks, offering a visually stunning way to display the cosmic energy that flows through your services.

With TishAstrology3, you have the power to tailor your site to match the unique vibrations of your astrological practice. Customizer options such as 'Code Before /head tag', 'Code Before /body tag', and 'Tracking Code' for tools like Google Analytics, allow you to optimize and monitor your site's celestial journey. Furthermore, the theme enables you to Show Author Info After Single Posts and Show Social Sharing options, enhancing the connectivity and community around your astrological insights.

Set the tone of your online presence with a Page Header Background Image that reflects the cosmic essence of your services. Whether it’s a serene night sky, the luminous full moon, or the mystical aurora, you can choose an image that resonates with the astrological energies you channel.

TishAstrology3 allows you to construct a foundation as strong and as customizable as the constellations. With options to select the Number of Columns in the Footer (Up to 4), Footer Social Icons, and Copyright Text in Footer, you can design a footer that grounds your site while still reflecting the celestial theme.

Greet your visitors with a Homepage Banner that captures the essence of your astrological practice. This feature acts as the gateway to your digital universe, inviting users to explore the depths of their astrological inquiries through your guidance.

TishAstrology3 is not just a WordPress theme; it's a digital compass pointing towards the future of online astrology services. Whether you are a seasoned astrologer with years of readings under your belt or a tarot reader whose cards reveal the unseen, this theme is your ally in the digital realm. Its features are crafted with the specific needs of the astrological community in mind, ensuring that your services shine bright in the digital cosmos.

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TishAstrology3 is a WordPress theme specifically crafted to illuminate the digital presence of astrology services.

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